Mobile Travel Trends 2019

From voice to visuals,
AR, VR and beyond

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What’s on the horizon for mobile travel in 2019?

From booking a flight using Instagram to predictive analytics picking the perfect hotel for your business trip without even searching—what else will 2019 bring for mobile travel?

We spoke to 1,100 end travelers, 100+ travel industry professional and 8 leading experts to build our most comprehensive report yet.

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How travelers are using mobile in 2019

We conducted primary research with more than 1,100 end travelers and 100 industry professionals from across the globe to find out how mobile will shape travel in 2019. 

of travelers 'nearly always' or 'sometimes' use a smartphone app to book flights
of business travelers have used social media channels to book a flight
of business travelers have used voice assistants during a trip

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Get ready for an in-depth look at the top trends impacting mobile travel in 2019. 

Travelport's Glenville Morris (Product Director, Digital Insights) looks at the mobile tech that customers want, travel brands are investing in and experts predict to be the next big thing in this free 30-minute webinar.


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The 8 trends impacting mobile travel in 2019



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Mobile travel trends for 2019 in 134 seconds

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Industry Influencers Insights

We quizzed 13 of our respected industry peers about the technology-powered solutions that have the greatest potential to enhance the travel experience in 2019. The specific question was: What will be the most important trend in mobile travel for 2019?

Head over to our blog to read their thoughts on what will be trending in 2019.

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Meet our expert contributors

Behind every trend is an expert who has their finger on the pulse of what will be the next big thing in mobile travel. Meet the authors who’ve shared their predictions on the top trends that will transform the mobile travel industry in 2019.

Dan Young Dan Young Head of Digital Experience, easyJet Read the bio >
Sharon_Doyle Sharon Doyle Global Head of Product, Travelport Read the bio >
Glenville_Morris Glenville Morris Product Director, Digital Insights, Travelport Read the bio >
Manish_Amin Manish Amin ​Co-Founder & CIO of Read the bio >