Travelport and Skift Insights Deck - Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption


Skift Report: "Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption: A Look at the Future of Traveler Experience"

Together with Skift we created a new Insights Deck “Mobile and the Next Wave of Digital Disruption: A Look at the Future of Traveler Experience” which explores how mobile is transforming the way travel brands engage with their customers. 

Travel brands today need to be where their customers are when it matters most. Mobile is the one channel that is present at every step of the end-to-end travel journey; from research and inspiration right through to at destination and post trip.

Download the Insights Deck to discover:

  • Mobile’s growing role in engagement across all touchpoints along the traveler’s journey.
  • The shifting focus from mobile transactions to mobile engagement.
  • How personalization is at the heart of traveler engagement.
  • How mobile is being used among millennials, Gen Z, and consumers in emerging markets.
  • How new technologies such as voice search, bots, wearables, in-flight entertainment companion apps, augmented reality and virtual reality will shift traveler engagement.
  • Examples of how brands such as easyJet, Vueling Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Arconics, and Lufthansa are utilizing these newer technologies to enhance their customer experiences.