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Drive airline app downloads through targeted social media campaigns

Recent reports have revealed that there has been a  61.5% increase in businesses’ media spend across social channels  in the first quarter of this year.

Social media has become a key channel for servicing travelers and improving brand reach, however more and more airlines are now turning to social advertising to drive bookings and increase revenue. 

Our free 42 page social media marketing guide, written exclusively for airlines, is packed with tips on how to use 6 global networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest) as well as 3 region specific platforms (WeChat, LINE and Weibo)  to engage and market your airline app to both new and existing users.

Download the guide now to discover:

  • Step by step guidance on how to set up a social media campaign
  • How airline brands including easyJet, KLM and Etihad are executing brilliant social strategies
  • Best practice on selecting and designing social media adverts
  • The best types of social media adverts for driving app downloads
  • How to plan and measure campaigns throughout the app lifecycle