Travelport Webinar

The proven formula to building & launching an
airline app (webinar)

Travelport Digital's Glenville Morris (Product Director, Digital insights) explores how airlines can plan, build, launch and promote a successful airline app in this 30-minute webinar. 

Getting started with an airline app can be a daunting prospect as it's difficult to get it right. We've taken over 12 years' experience working with some of the leading airlines in the world to help you develop a world class airline app. 

Check out our webinar where you'll learn:

  • How mobile can drive incremental revenue for airlines
  • The pros and cons of developing an app in-house vs outsource
  • Getting the basics features and functionality right
  • Practical strategies on how to successfully launch and promote an app 
  • New mobile metrics and how to measure the success of your app