Travelport Webinar

Mobile Travel Trends 2019 (webinar)

Travelport's Glenville Morris (Product Director, Digital Insights) looks at the mobile tech that customers want, travel brands are investing in and experts predict to be the next big thing in this 30-minute webinar.

He also gives a 'webinar exclusive' sneak peek at an exciting new AR feature we’re building for one of the world’s leading airlines. 

Check out our webinar where we cover: 

  • Insights from 1100+ travelers revealing how they’re using mobile (Spoiler alert: 81% of business travelers have used voice search while traveling!)  
  • 8 mega-trends that will drive the future of mobile travel including datafication, AR and VR  
  • How brands like easyJet and are driving their businesses forward with voice and visual search  
  • Actionable tips for how travel brands can shape their digital strategy in 2019