Travelport Digital Research: How people use mobile to search and book travel 

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New research into the role mobile plays in travel

How do travelers use mobile and apps to search and book travel? What type of push notifications are annoying and what ones are useful for travelers?

We recently conducted primary research with 955 end travelers across 3 different continents to discover how people are using mobile and apps for travel. 

Part 1: Key highlights from the traveler research include:

  • 58% of travelers prefer apps vs. 37% prefer web to search for flights
  • 69% of travelers use travel apps on a regular basis
  • 55% expect to use voice technology (such as Alexa) to check-in
  • 87% of travelers find travel notifications on mobile useful
  • 51% of travelers expect to communicate with travel brands via text or messaging

Part 2: Senior travel industry professionals research:

The report also includes research conducted with 55 senior travel industry professionals to determine insights into how mobile travel will impact travel brands in 2018 and beyond.

  • 90% of travel brands are investing more in mobile in 2018
  • Chatbots, BI, voice and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to see increase investment
  • Minimal investment in other tech such as virtual reality and augmented reality

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